The humble telephone is the classic workhorse of B2B lead generation. While not as ‘buzz worthy’ as other lead generation tools, it’s still one of the most effective ways to generate new business leads; and the backbone of most successful B2B lead generation campaigns.

B2B Teleprospecting

Teleprospecting and Lead Generation is arguably the most important task for a B2B company. But it’s one of their biggest challenges, and a constant headache for business owners and sales reps. The problem is that unearthing new leads is a difficult and time consuming process. Most majority sales reps and business owners already spend much of their time dealing with existing customers, maintaining customer relationships and doing all the necessary administrative and operational work. Which leaves very little time for actual business development and sales growth.

A well timed, professional and relevant phone call can influence an influencer or buyer to move to the next stage in your sales process whether it’s a telephone appointment, face-to-face meeting or attend an event.

B2B Appointment Setting

If inbound leads and referrals won’t deliver your sales target, we might be able to help. How much time do you spend prospecting and arranging new business appointments?  Outsourcing new business Appointment Setting will help save you significant time, so you can focus on meeting new customers and prospects.

For most business owners and sales representatives, the majority of their time is spent answering questions from existing clients, pushing through deals, traveling or bogged down in paperwork which leaves very little time to set up meetings with new clients or prospects.

GDPR Database Cleansing

As a company you rely on a valuable asset – a database of clients and prospects to help you grow.  B2B data decays by up to 30% each year and accounts for up to 1/3 of annual sales and marketing budgets being wasted.  Our team are experienced in business data list building and cleansing campaigns, tailored to your company needs. More than contact name list building, we will capture information relating to products and services and purchasing decisions, helping save your team time pursuing targeted leads.

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