Lead Generation and Telemarketing for Technology Companies

Technology companies use Focus One lead generation and telemarketing campaigns to increase technology product awareness and accelerate growth.

In a competitive technological marketplace, it is crucial that Technology companies work with the right partners to reach their ideal client base and secure leads and prospects.

Let Focus One become your lead generation and telemarketing partner for your technology product or solution. We’ve got 15 years lead generation and telemarketing experience in the software sector across multiple verticals.

Lead Generation and Telemarketing for Technology Solutions

The technology sector unveils products and services at a staggering pace. It can be easy for even the most brilliant technology companies to get lost in the noise.

Amazing technology products and services need the target market to know that they exist so that the B2B sales process can start.

Our outbound lead generation and telemarketing service will increase your company’s brand visibility, generate qualified leads and increase sales opportunities, generating qualified B2B buyers.

Your targeted sales campaign will generate measurable business results as your technology based product or service is introduced to the market.

What our clients say

Marie Murphy Focus One Testimonial

“Highly recommend! The biggest positive for me is they take my goals on as their own, constantly working to improve campaign effectiveness.”

Peter Griffin Focus One Testimonial

“I have worked with Focus One to develop target lists and lead generation and appointment setting for our corporate team since 2011. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them.”


Our Services

Appointment Setting

The key to successful B2B appointment setting is to delegate the prospecting task, allowing your sales team to focus on engagement ready warm leads and meeting prospects.

Data List Cleansing

Clean business data means a healthy sales ecosystem. In compliance with GDPR regulations, we process your database to ensure your business contact information is up to date.

Webinar Support

Our team are adept at designing and handling outbound campaigns to register attendees for every type of event from online webinar registrations to conferences, seminars and trade shows.

Customer Feedback

How satisfied are your customers? A B2B customer feedback programme is an investment in the relationship between your company and your B2B customers.

Sectors We work with


Working with start-ups and industry leading software companies to introduce software products and services to the market.


Focus One works with leading technology companies to create business opportunities within this fast-paced sector.


Working with manufacturing companies as an industry growth partner to develop viable sales pipeline opportunities.

Business Services

Focus One works with business services providers drawing from a wide range of industries to develop their sales pipeline.

Financial Services

Generating new business opportunities while observing regulatory obligations as they apply to your sales campaign.

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