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4 Tips for Successful Follow Up Sales Calls

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Follow up sales calls can be as important, if not more important, than the initial cold call. This is the point where you know that the prospect is genuinely interested in your product. This is the point where the lead nurturing campaign begins as you start to build a relationship and move the prosp...

What Makes an Effective Sales Process


Your sales are only as strong as your sales team. There’s no questioning the value that your sales team bring to the company. But even they can use a tune up every now and then. This great infographic from the KISSmetrics offers some key insights into how you can optimise your company’s sales perfor...

The Cost of Bad Data for your Business


If you accidentally put the wrong fuel in your car, the accepted wisdom is that under no circumstances should you start the engine. When you start the engine, it circulates the contaminated fuel which can cause havoc and potentially expensive damage to your car. Now, think of your business as a car....